Free business banking for independent contractors

Spend less time worrying about your finances and more time perfecting your craft. When you bank with Nearside you skip the monthly fees and minimum balance, get unlimited cashback, and qualify for a business loan to help you grow your contracting business.

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Free business banking for independent contractors
Trusted by thousands of small business owners, from contractors to microbusinesses and more.

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Keep your business transactions where you can see them.

Gain a clear view of your finances with tools that work together to help you make your customers happy and grow your business. Consider Nearside the easiest way to deliver great service on every job.




Designed to work with how you work

Unlimited cashback and big discounts for contractors

Earn unlimited 2.2% cashback in 2022 with every charge to your business debit card with no point tracking or gimmicks. Plus, get major discounts on Quickbooks, SignEasy, and more– just by opening a free bank account.

Track revenue and anticipate busy seasons

Getting a clear perspective on your finances can be tricky. With a dedicated business bank account, you can track your expenses and income, and set budgets that anticipate rather than react.

Send payments in a snap

Send money within minutes through ACH with no fees. Plus, skip the checkbook and send checks remotely through the Nearside dashboard.

Mixing business and personal can get messy. We keep it clean. 

Keep personal and professional finances organized with a business account

Get a clear view of your finances and stay organized 
Anticipate challenges and prepare for growth
Protect your personal funds
Establish credibility with your customers
Simplify tax season and auditing

Your one-stop shop for business tools

Create an LLC

Wondering if you need to incorporate? We’ll help you figure it all out and help you skip the legal headache.

Nearside Checking

Business checking with unmatched cashback rewards—without monthly fees or minimums.

Free Resources and Guides for Small Business Owners

From business advice to ultimate guides, we've got you covered. Find solutions that save you time and money.

Hard-working security 

FDIC – Insured

Advanced encryption

We keep your information secure with the same Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) as the United States Military.

Enhanced data protection

Our servers are located in a secure data center, protected by an enterprise-class firewall system. 

FDIC – Insured

Integrate seamlessly

You can connect your Nearside account to the platforms that bring cash into your small business, including Lyft, Square, Amazon, Shopify, and more.

Easy answers to your toughest questions

Working for yourself can feel like a leap into the unknown. From business guides to stories from other entrepreneurs, find solutions that save you time and money while sparking inspiration.
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  1. You will earn 1% cashback plus a 1.2% cashback bonus in 2022 (total 2.2%) by using your Nearside business debit card for purchases. You will not earn cashback rewards on purchases of cash-like instruments (money orders, gift cards, etc.), peer-to-peer payments, money transfers and other transactions that do not involve purchases of goods and services. Terms and conditions apply.
  2. Conditions Apply.  Your eligibility for a loan and the loan amount will depend on factors such as: 1) length of time as an accountholder; 2) amount of debit card and other account transactions and 3) linkage of direct deposits, POS and other sources of income.  We do not use credit scores to determine eligibility for our loans.