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15 best side hustle apps

Are you looking to pad your wallet a little more this year? Here are the 12 side hustle apps you should know about in 2022 so you can extra cash on the side.

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Looking for ways of making extra cash to supplement your income? The gig economy has some of the best side hustle apps for anyone who could use a little more cash. Whether you’re looking to pay off a debt, take a special vacation or buy a car, side hustle apps can help you generate extra income.

Plus, you can use more than one app at a time. And you don’t have to quit your current job or change your lifestyle to use them. With that in mind, here are 12 of the best apps for side hustle.

Indeed Flex

Compatibility: iOS & Android

Indeed Flex for Android - APK Download

You probably already know Indeed – the website that links job seekers with employers. Indeed Flex is its app version, but for temp jobs. The app gives you instant access to gigs where employers are looking to fill shifts. All you have to do is choose when and where you want to work, show up, fill the shift, and get paid on a weekly basis. This is a great side hustle when you have free time on your hands and is a legit way to make part-time money on the side. 

Amazon Flex

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Amazon Flex Debit Card by Green Dot Corporation

Amazon Flex is another great delivery service app that allows you to use your own vehicle to pick up and drop off Amazon packages in your area. With contactless delivery, this is a convenient method to making money on the side as a vehicle owner without having to deal with complaints about food orders.


Compatibility: iOS and Android

Airbnb looks to raise up to $2.5bn in IPO | Financial Times

Do you have an extra, unused room in your home? You can spruce it up, post it on Airbnb and earn some money off it. You don’t need to own the home outright, even a rented property will do just fine. In fact, you can still earn from Airbnb by co-hosting, managing someone else’s property, running an Airbnb experience or as an affiliate. All these do not require owning or renting a house. This is one of the best side hustle ideas that can increase your bank account through passive income. 


Compatibility: iOS & Android

Instacart to hire 300,000 additional workers amid coronavirus demand

Do you want to enhance your personal finance options by simply being a delivery driver! Instacart lets you do grocery shopping for other people and get paid for it. Choose a participating store in your area and be an in-store shopper or sign up as a full-service shopper. In addition to doing the shopping, a full-service Instacart shopper also delivers the groceries. Of course, you earn more for doing deliveries.


Compatibility: iOS & Android

You can make money with Uber as long as you drive or have a car. The best part is that you don’t even have to create extra time for it. The app allows you to pick and drop paying customers on your way to your own destination. Want to maximize earnings? Consider being an Uber driver or working with Lyft at the same time. Keep in mind that you will be required to undergo a background check in order to work with either company. Alternatively, maybe get into Uber Eats to do food delivery in your spare time and avoid the hassle of ridesharing customers. Alternative food delivery apps for extra money include Doordash and Postmates. 


Compatibility: iOS & Android - Dog Boarding and Dog Walking - YouTube

Are you a dog lover? Boot up Rover and get paid to walk dogs in your area. Additionally, there’s also the option for pet sitting if you want to make extra money beyond dog walking. You’ll get a notification when a dog owner near you wants their pup to go for a walk or if they’re looking for a dog sitter. Alternatively, head to the “Requests” tab on the app and find nearby requests for dog walkers and sitters. This mobile app is truly a pet sitters dream!


Compatibility: iOS & Android

The rise of Gigwalk: Imagine if your business had a half million mystery  shoppers | ZDNet

Gigwalk pays you to discreetly walk into stores and assess their retail experience as well as the products they stock. Companies pay big bucks for this legitimate feedback. Once you sign up, you’ll get gigs that you can pick in your area and complete within a few minutes or hours. You can, for example, accept to audit a tobacco or vapor brand. Or maybe inspect a storefront and check how products are displayed in a store. Either way, you’ll get paid for every gig you take up.

Field Agent

Compatibility: iOS & Android

Make Money with Your Phone - Field Agent App - YouTube

Field Agent is a lot like Gigwalk in that you act as a secret auditor or quality manager for stores and brands. However, unlike Gigwalk, Field Agent also allows you to make some extra bucks by doing product trials. Test a product, review it, share your opinion, and get paid for it. Needless to say, you can use Gigwalk and Field Agent at the same time.

Surveys on the Go

Compatibility: iOS & Android

Surveys On The Go Review 2020: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Some of the best side hustle apps don’t require more than your opinion. Surveys on the Go is one such app. Share your opinions on various issues and topics and get paid for it. You can choose to share opinions on a particular topic (like entertainment, politics etc.) or opt into all categories. However, as a disclaimer, these types of side hustle apps don’t necessarily have high pay outs in comparison to how much effort you will need to put in.


Compatibility: iOS & Android

Swagbucks is the best app for side hustle if you enjoy doing things like surfing the web, watching videos, playing games, and taking online surveys. It is based on a rewards scheme that awards users with cash backs and gift cards for their online activities. Alternative mobile apps such as Swagbucks are Survey Junkie and Inboxdollars if you want to maximize your potential earnings. 


Compatibility: iOS & Android

Foap - YouTube

Foap is up there with the best side hustle apps for photographers and photography enthusiasts. The app lets you upload photos with your phone and list them for sale. Buyers can search for the images they want, and if someone likes yours, they pay for it. You get 50% of the pay. Foap allows you to sell the same photo as many times as you wish.


Compatibility: iOS & Android

toot for Android - APK Download

Help students get the support they need through Toot and earn for spreading your knowledge. Once a student logs into their account, they’re paired with the nearest available (and knowledgeable) tutor. That tutor might be you.


Compatibility: iOS & Android

Chicago Staffing | Bluecrew W-2 Hourly Jobs in Chicago

Looking for hourly gigs? BlueCrew can link you with employers who need hourly hires. You get to choose your own shift and the hirer you want to work for.


Compatibility: iOS, Android & Desktop Computer 

Do you want to make money online? Fiverr is a side gig platform that allows you to exercise your skills and talents while making money. From writing, graphic design, market research, to personal finance services, and art, Fiverr is a freelancer’s dream. Not only can you set your own rates for services, but you can realistically make Fiverr your full-time job and work from anywhere in the world once you’ve established a reputable presence on the platform. Another reason why this is one of the best side hustle apps is because you can cash out your earnings at any time and have the opportunity to obtain high payouts. 


Compatibility: iOS & Android

TaskRabbit - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Another one of the best side hustle apps in 2022 is TaskRabbit. Are you a handyman? Do you want to get paid for deliver service without being a dasher for Doordash? This app allows you to complete tasks for other people and can range from building furniture, mounting TVs, cleaning services, gardening, and much more! If you are a handy person around the house, then this is one of the gig apps you need to be taking advantage of for extra cash in your spare time.  

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