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15 free printable business letterhead templates

Download and use these free business letterhead templates.

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A business letterhead is a printed heading that appears on a company’s stationery. Typically, a letterhead contains the business’s name, logo and address, which are usually pre-printed to appear on various documents like letters, company faqs, notes and memos. In addition to making all business correspondence look professional and consistent, a letterhead serves as branding because it may include the company’s logo and other images. It is, therefore, a formal way of creating a good first impression and official letterhead means your associates will always be able to contact you easily in the future.

Because of its importance in business branding and marketing, you want to ensure that you get your letterhead spot on from the outset. And you’ll be glad to know that you can create your very own professional letterhead. On this page, we provide free letterhead templates that you can download and base on when creating your own courtesy of Canva & Brother Creative Center. Keep in mind that you should ideally already have a logo design of your own to use on your letter template, however you can always hire a professional logo maker after you’ve picked one of these free letterhead templates.

Business letterhead templates

Below are some free business full-color letterhead examples and downloadable templates that you can use to create your professional letterhead. You can also download one of these free letterhead templates and take them to a designer to create your own letterhead.

Small business letterhead

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll probably feel like a flashy letterhead is an overkill. In which case, consider keeping it simple and using the available space well. While traditional designs put the letterhead at the top, that is not a hard-and-fast rule that you must follow. The letterhead template below keeps the company name on the side for branding purposes and allows room on the main page to fit extra information when needed.

Customize and use this free letterhead template

Professional service letterhead

If you’re not sure about the kind of letterhead to use, always keep it simple and professional. That way, the design won’t distract your audience from the contents of the document. One way of achieving simplicity is limiting accent colors to the top and bottom of your document. You can also go with two or three colors max so that the design doesn’t get more attention than the contents of your document.

Business Consulting

Customize and use this free letterhead template

Corporate letterhead

One way to create a good business letterhead is to turn up the contrast, preferably with timeless, professional colors. Black and white, blue and green, navy blue and silver are all classics that combine well to give your letterhead that professional look. Try pairing a few high-contrast colors with your brand logo to see the combination you like best.

Customize and use this free letterhead

Food and drinks letterhead

A business in the hospitality industry could do with a little embellishing. Use special effects and images to tell people what your business is about. For example, if it’s a restaurant, then a watermark image of a folk and knife or perhaps pictures of a few foodstuffs would do a great job.

Customize and use this free letterhead

Graphic designer letterhead

Artistic professionals (like graphic designers) can add a touch of uniqueness on their letterheads by focusing on typography. Play with various fonts and mix your typefaces to create an attractive design that will relay a good impression. Remember that your letterhead may reach places where your business cards can’t, so use typography to make it as unique and appealing as possible.

Customize and use this free letterhead template

Finance and legal

A good trick for making your business letterhead contribute to branding and marketing is to use meaningful imagery. If, for example, your business is a law firm, you can use a set of scales to create the impression of justice. In addition to saying something about your firm (that you’re a legal company and advocate for justice), such imagery makes your audience automatically relate you with the law. This can be a very powerful tool for marketing.

Customize and use this free letterhead

Real estate letterhead

Some businesses – like those that deal in real estate – may want to include many company details in their letterheads. This is natural because as a real estate company, you deal with multiple types of property (e.g., buildings and land); some new, some older; others for sale and others for rent. Plus, you also want to state your locations, perhaps include your contact information and socials. Well, you don’t need to put every last detail on your business letterhead. Instead, consider the audience. If, for example, you’re creating a letterhead for a new listing, you can simply add that new property alongside its address and your company address.

New Listing

Customize and use this free letterhead template

If it’s a stock letterhead that you can use for general purposes, then consider going with a standard letterhead that can fit on all business stationery. Of course, you’ll want it to have your business logo and address at the very least.

Estate Agency

Customize and use this free letterhead template

Home improvement letterhead

A good number of letterhead examples have a watermark as part of the design. This makes sense since watermarks subtly draw attention to your brand without taking up space on the document. You may find this helpful if your business is in an industry like home improvement, where certain documents (like quotations) require lots of space. Simply put some of the design images in the background as watermarks and free up space for more information. Below is a company letterhead template with this type of design.

Dream Remodel

Customize and use this free letterhead template

Event planning and management

If you want to brighten up your letterhead – as is typical with events and entertainment companies – you can use one or two, bright accent colors to bring a cheerful mood. It’s not uncommon to see entertainment letterhead examples with red, pink and purple because these color schemes are associated with courage, vigor, love, kindness and wisdom.

Music Party

Customize and use this free letterhead template

Academic letterhead

For an institutional letterhead, try a crest or badge to represent the organization. Build around it with icons and images that accurately capture the personality of the institution. Alternatively, you can just use the crest and a color scheme to give the letterhead a personality as is the case below.

Customize and use this free letterhead

Healthcare letterhead

When designing a letterhead, use colors sparingly because they draw attention to them and away from other things on the document. While this rule applies to any type of letterhead, it’s more suitable to healthcare organizations since they need to keep their audience calm.

Wellness Services

Customize and use this free letterhead template

Sports and fitness letterhead

When creating your professional letterhead, consider using hierarchy to communicate effectively. This basically involves arranging your information from the most important to the least important. Oftentimes (but not always) the company is the most important, which justifies the placement of the letterhead at the top. Follow this by the individual who is receiving the document (the addressee) and then the message, and end it with the sender’s signature. You can also include contact information, socials and your website at the very bottom because those are not as important as the company, recipient, message and sender.

Customize and use this free letterhead template

Landscaping and gardening letterhead

Yes, you can play up your brand by including your company logo in your business letterhead. But that’s not a rule written in stone. For extra creativity, think of adding meaningful imagery that reflects your business’s main purpose. If, for example, you do landscaping and gardening, pass that information to your audience by replacing your business logo with a popular plant among your customers. Add a touch of green to the letterhead (alongside company colors) because nothing says “landscaping and gardening” better than some greenery. Of course, you can always retain the company logo on other branding materials like business cards.


Customize and use this free letterhead template

Technology letterhead

Something to keep in mind when creating a professional letterhead is the medium on which the letterhead will go. Gone are the days when letterheads were strictly used on print. These days they are also used on digital documents. Some companies, especially those in tech, are really not crazy about using paper. If you’re one of them, you can design your business letterhead with full-page bleed since chances are it won’t be printed on paper that much. Therefore, the margins and edges of the sheet won’t be of consideration.

Customize and use this free letterhead template

Pet care letterhead

Want to bring attention to something on your business letterhead? Scale it up. Increasing the fonts of particular words or sizes of certain images makes them more recognizable. This can be a great way of marketing yourself. In the business letterhead template below, the pup and paw (top and bottom) are scaled up to emphasize that the document is from a vet. And not just any vet, a vet who specializes in dog treatment.

Customize and use this free letterhead template

How do I create a business letterhead?

One easy way of creating a professional letterhead is by modifying an already-existing letterhead template. This route doesn’t require any design skills. Applications like Microsoft Word offer some free letterhead templates that you can base on, but for higher quality, you’ll want to go with graphic design software like Canva and Brother Creative Center.

Both are free (with premium options) yet offer premade templates that are easy to modify. Again, they don’t require any design skills. In most cases you’ll only need to replace existing imagery (like logos and graphics) with yours. To make your work even easier, we compiled the most appealing letterhead examples and templates for each industry in the previous section. Simply choose a letterhead template that you like most, click on the customize button to use it for free.

Finally, you also have the option to hire a professional graphic designer who can create a custom letterhead template for you from scratch. Depending on their qualification level, you may need to prepare a budget of between $300 and $5,000. Freelance designers typically charge between $300 and $1,000 while design agencies bill their customers anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 to create a custom letterhead design. If this seems too high, you also have freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, where you can get a decent letterhead design for $5.

What does a company letterhead include?

A typical letterhead includes the company name, phone number, fax number, email address, website URL, social media (where applicable), and office hours. There’s no rule tying you to any single letterhead format, so you’re free to choose any format that you like best. That said, here’s a general guide on how to organize your business letterhead:

Margins: on average, letterheads measure 8.5" x 11" in size. The rule of thumb is to keep margins at least ¼” on the sides and bottom, and 0.8” at the top.

Fonts: ideally, you want to choose a font that matches your company’s branding. For example, if you always use a particular font for your banners and posters, you can consider using it in your letterhead template as well to maintain consistency. But if you want to try a new font, then bold fonts like Helvetica, Futura, and Century Gothic are excellent at grabbing attention. Use them to draw your audience to specific points on the letterhead. Besides that, you can play around with fonts to see which one looks best on your letterhead. For example, while Sans Serif is good at creating a modern impression, Serif has a more traditional and classic feel to it.

Company name: your business name is up there with the most important elements of a professional letterhead. You want it to be a focal point so that it can easily draw attention. To achieve that, consider making it at least 2 points larger than other pieces of information. It will stand out even more if you make it a different color. While most letterhead templates put the name at the top, it’s not a hard-and-fast rule. You can have your company name on the side, as is the case with the letterhead example below.

Logo: your brand logo typically goes at the top of the letterhead – either to the left or right. Place all the other information that you want to include (like contact information and working hours) on the opposite side of the business logo so that it’s not crowded out.

Business information: apart from the company name and logo, your letterhead may also include your phone number, fax number, email address, website URL, social media links and working hours. Make sure to spread this information so that it doesn’t crowd one area of the letterhead. For example, you can have the company name and logo at the top, then contact details and working hours at the bottom left, and finally social media links at the bottom right. This will leave enough space at the center for you to print content on the letterhead.

Benefits of a business letterhead

  • A letterhead makes your business look professional and credible.
  • It enhances business communication with clients, employees and stakeholders by ensuring that they have different channels of reaching your office. This is because a typical professional letterhead captures all the available means of communication.
  • Letterheads improve brand awareness through indirect advertising and marketing. The inclusion of your company name and logo ensures that many people take notice of your company just by looking at its letterhead.
  • A letterhead makes the document you’re preparing to look better – at least better than if you had printed it on a plain paper. This improved look can create a good impression with your audience.
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