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Hatch Updates the Business Checking Account Pricing to Remove the $10 Monthly Fee

Hatch strives to make starting a business easier. We want you to keep your hard-earned dollars, so we are removing the $10 monthly fee on our Business Checking Account.

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We get it, running a business can be tough, and we’re here to make it easier. In order to make your experience at Nearside better, we are no longer charging the monthly $10 fee while maintaining all of the same benefits that you love.

What are we changing?

We are removing the $10 monthly fee. As of October 22nd, 2021, Nearside will not be charging our customers a monthly fee to use the Business Checking Account. However, nothing else about our product benefits changes. We’re giving you new pricing with all the same benefits, including:

  • No monthly minimum balance requirements
  • No NSF fees 
  • Cashback rewards ​​on everyday business purchases at participating restaurants, gas stations, and more!
  • 2.2% universal cashback rewards on all debit card purchases in 2022.
  • Access to deals on all your favorite business tools and software with Nearside Perks and save up to thousands of dollars.
  • No debit card replacement fees
  • No monthly fee, spend it elsewhere!

Why are we changing it?

We want to make your small business finances make sense. Running a business is tough, and the fees add up. We’ve heard that in your feedback, and we get it. $10 a month can add up and actually make a big difference for your business. We want to encourage you to put that money towards business expenses that are foundational to your business.

You will still earn automatic cashback when you spend on your Nearside Cashback Debit Card.

When is this changing?

This change will be automatically applied to your account as of October, 2021 with no action needed on your end.  If you have questions about the new pricing update, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team or visit our Help Center.

Are you new to Nearside? Sign up for a business checking account with Nearside to earn 2.2% universal cashback on all debit purchases in 2022, and stay away from pesky monthly fees, monthly minimums, NSF fees, card replacement fees, and more.

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