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How to cancel your Barkbox subscription

Learn how to cancel your Barkbox subscription in this step-by-step guide.

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There are two different methods that can be used to cancel your Barkbox subscription, one involves getting in touch with the company's customer service, while the other involves a simple click of a button on their website to end your monthly service. Either way, BarkBox makes it easy for anyone to cancel their subscription service at their own convenience.

Method 1: Email customer service

If you want to cancel renewals for your Barkbox account, this method is simple as it only involves one step. However, it is worth noting that this may not be as quick and efficient as method 2 so be sure to check that one out first! Yet, if you would prefer to speak to someone at BarkBox's customer service via email, you can cancel your subscription anytime by emailing

When you email customer service, make sure that you include your BarkBox account number and let them know that you would like to end your subscription. They will be able to arrange that for you as soon as they receive your request. You can also get in touch with the team via this email to let them know why you aren't currently satisfied with your subscription and they may be able to offer a solution that better suits you. If you’re locked into a 12 month subscription you may be able to still unsubscribe for your bark account, simply contact customer service and see what they can do to cancel your subscription. 

Method 2: Cancel your subscription online

This is the quickest way to end your subscription, and once it's done you can be sure that the next payment will not leave your account. This process involves logging into your account page on the BarkBox website and letting them know you want them to stop renewing your monthly subscription once the existing commitment has ended. Once you've elected to cancel your subscription, you will continue to receive any boxes that have already been paid for.

Step 1: Head to, select "login" in the top right hand corner and use your credentials to sign into your account.

Step 2: Now that you are logged in, click "account" in the top right hand corner.

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of your account profile and select "subscription settings". You should see the current details of your subscription plan, including the date that your plan will be renewed.

Step 4: Click to edit your plan and you will see the option to "disable subscription auto renewal" - click it.

Step 5: Once you click to disable your subscription you have opted to stop paying and stop receiving boxes. If you click "disable" before the 3rd of any month you will not receive any more boxes until you reactivate. However, if you cancel after the 3rd, you will continue to receive one last box.

Frequently asked questions

Can you cancel BarkBox after a $5 box?

If you signed up to BarkBox with a deal that allowed you to get your first box for just $5, you might be wondering if you will be able to cancel your subscription after the first box. BarkBox makes it easy for anyone to cancel their subscription if they do not want to make further payments. Simply email customer service or follow the online cancellation process. If you experience any issues with canceling your subscription, let BarkBox's customer service know and consider checking the terms and conditions of the $5 BarkBox deal that you used.

How much does BarkBox cost per month?

Barkbox currently offers one "Classic" plan, and also the option to add an extra toy each month. The monthly billing price in USD will depend on the length of your subscription. For instance, just 1 month of the "Classic" plan will cost you $35 for that month. While 6 months of the Classic box is $26 per month, and 12 months of the classic box will cost you $23 per month. You can also opt to add an extra toy to your box every month for an added price. This makes a 1 month plan $44, a 6 month plan $33 per month, and a 12 month plan $30.

Furthermore, you don't have to pay monthly if you don't want to. BarkBox offers the option to pay for your subscription up-front, which means that 6 months of the "Classic" box is priced at $139 and 12 months is priced at $234. With the added monthly toy, this price then becomes $178 for the 6 month plan, and $299 for the 12 month plan.

How do I add items to my BarkBox?

Part of the fun of a BarkBox subscription is that it is highly customizable, allowing you to add extra treats for your furry friend every month. Not only can you add items from BarkBox's selection of seasonal picks, you can also opt to double up any of the items you usually find in your monthly box. To add items to your next box, simply log into your account and click "account" to view your subscription details. You will see the add-ons that BarkBox currently has available for your next box, and you can click on any of them that you would like to receive. You then have until the end of the month to edit the items in the box and delete anything that you no longer want to pay for.

How do you get a BarkBox refund?

There are numerous situations where you may feel entitled to a refund from BarkBox. If you have been charged for a box that you no longer want to receive, email the BarkBox happy team at to see if they will be able to process a refund. However, it may be the case that it is too late for them to cancel your monthly box. In which case you may want to make use of their handy returns and exchange policy. Email the BarkBox team to see if you qualify for a return, but note that they do not consider refunding products that are not in their original packaging or have missing tags or stickers. Usually the refund for subscribers will be given through the original payment method such as credit card or paypal.

Where can I read BarkBox reviews?

If you are wondering if BarkBox is a good company that is worth your dollar, you may want to read customer reviews before making any commitments to their subscription. You can read plenty of unbiased reviews for BarkBox on established websites such as TrustPilot and Amazon, as well as subscription review websites like Hello Subscription and My Subscription Addiction.

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Frequently asked questions

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