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How to get your business on Google Maps

Adding your business to Google Maps is the easiest way to direct potential customers and clients to your business location. This article outlines how to get your business on Google Maps.

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How to Get Your Business on Google Maps

Wondering how to get your business on google search? One of the easiest ways of doing that is adding your business on Google Maps.

The process is free and simple. You can get your business on Google Maps either through Google Maps directly or using Google My Business. Whatever the case, Google will require you to verify that you’re indeed the owner of the business.

Is Google Maps worth it for business? Absolutely. 76% of people who do a local search end up visiting a physical store or shop within 24 hours. 28% of them ultimately make a purchase.

Image source: Think with Google

The other way of looking at it is that listing your business on Google Maps may increase your discoverability by 76%. And, it can boost your sales by 28% or more.

What Is Google Maps and What Is It Used For?

In a business context, Google Maps enables customers and clients to find your business through a Google search. Once enabled, your business will show up on Google when people search for local businesses that offer specific services.

For example, if you’re a Montreal-based plumber, your business will show up when someone searches for “plumber in Montreal”. Here’s an actual example from Google Maps, complete with actual plumbing businesses.

How cool would it be if your business also showed up for specific local searches? In fact, with a little more SEO, Google will list your business in the Local Pack, making it even more discoverable.

Google’s Local Pack is a “top three” of the best local businesses for specific searches. The listing includes your website, directions to your location, ratings, opening hours and any other information that may help pull potential customers. However, your business won’t appear in the Local Pack results unless you list it on Google Maps.

Since it makes your business easily discoverable in local searches, Google Maps may well be the most important aspect of your local SEO campaign.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Your Business on Google Maps?

Getting your business on Google Maps is completely free. You only need to create your business profile on Google, which is also free. From there, you can add your business on Google Maps to reach more customers.

How to Get Your Business on Google Maps

There are two ways of adding your business on Google Maps. The first is using Google Maps itself and the second is through Google My Business.

How to Get Your Business on Google Maps Using Google Maps

Step 1: Open Google Maps and search for your business

Head over to and enter the name of your business in the search bar. If your business shows up, then it is already listed. Anyone can add a business on Google Maps, which is why yours might already be listed.

If, however, your business doesn’t show up in Google Map results, then you’ll get the option to “Add a missing place”.

Step 2: Add a missing place

Click on “Add a missing place”. The next window will allow you to enter details about your business. That includes your business name, category and location.

At this point your business will already be on Google Maps. But it will neither rank on Google Maps nor appear in the Local Pack until you claim the listing.

Step 3: Claim your business

In the next window, you’ll find a link to “Claim this business”. This will let Google Maps know that you’re the owner of the business. As such, Google will allow you to update any information as you see fit going forward. For example, you can add your website, contact details, operating hours and so on.

Step 4: Verify the business

In this final step, Google will need to confirm that you are indeed the owner of the business as you claim. Oftentimes they’ll do this through a postcard that’s sent via email.

It will typically arrive within two weeks. Make sure to not change any details because doing so will request a new code from Google and that will require a new postcard.

The postcard contains a unique PIN that you input online to verify your business. You’ll want to do that within 30 days of requesting the code so that it doesn’t expire. It typically takes a few weeks after verification for your business to go live on Google Maps and other Google platforms.

How to Get Your Business on Google Maps Using Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool for managing how your business appears across Google platforms, including Google Maps. You don’t really need to have a website to use GMB, but a website helps a great deal when you need to rank on Google’s search platforms.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get your business on Google Maps using Google My Business.

Step 1: Log in to your Google account

Head over to the Google My Business website and log into your business account. In case you don’t have one, you can create a new account here.

Step 2: Search for your business

Once logged in to Google My Business, search for your business exactly as you would like it to appear on Google. If your business name appears along with its address, then it means that it’s already listed on Google My Business. In which case you’ll need to claim it and verify that you’re the owner.

If your business doesn’t appear in search, go ahead and choose to “Create a business with this name”. Now, type out the name of your business exactly as you would like it to be displayed on Google.

GMB setup - type the name of your business that you want to show up on Google

Image source: Sharp Innovations

You can include suffixes like LLC and Inc., but those are optional.

Step 3: Enter your business category

On the next page, select the category that best fits your business from a drop-down menu. You can also type it out and Google will provide suggestions.

GMB setup - choose your business category

This is very important because it tells Google for which local searches to display your business.

Step 4: Choose whether Google Maps should display your business location

If you have a store-front or brick and mortar location for your business, then you probably want Google Maps to direct your customers and potential customers to the exact location of your store or shop. In which case you’ll want to choose “Yes” when asked if you want to add a location.

GMB setup - do you have a physical location

On the other hand, if you’re running your business out of your home, then you’ll probably want to keep your location private. In which case it makes more sense to select “No”.

Step 5: Enter your business address

If you selected to display your business location, go ahead and enter its address. You can skip this step if you previously chose not to display location.

GMB step - enter your business address

Step 6: Check for potential matches

As previously mentioned, it’s possible that your business is already listed on Google Maps and Google My Business. Google will display listings that match your address, should it find any.

GMB step - match your business address

If the found listing is your business, then you’ll need to claim and verify it. If not, go ahead and select “This doesn’t match”.

Step 7: Select your service areas

Does your business serve customers beyond your immediate locality? If yes, tell Google so and hit next.

GMB step - your business service area

You’ll be prompted to indicate the areas that you serve.

GMB setup - areas you serve

 You may want to enter county names rather than specific towns and cities.

Step 8: Add contact details

Enter your business phone number and web address. Keep in mind that this is the phone number that Google will display publicly. Therefore, it’s best to use the business phone number and not your personal number.

GMB - your business contact details

In case you don’t have a website, Google can create a minimalistic site for your business. Simply select “Get a free website based on your info”.

Step 9: Finish and verify your business on Google Maps

 Hit “Finish” to complete the process.

GMB step - finish setup

You’ll still need to verify that you are the owner of the business as claimed. Google will give you five options for verification. The five are:

  • Mail – You’ll get a physical postcard from Google
  • Email – You’ll get a verification code via email
  • Phone – You’ll get a call from Google, giving you a verification code
  • Instant – this option is available if you already have a Google Search Console account with a verified website.
  • Bulk – choose this if your business has over 10 locations.

Step 10: Add business details

Finally, GMB will allow you to customize your business page. This involves adding your business hours, writing a description for your business, setting messaging permissions, uploading photos and so on.

Image source: Business Insider

This part is followed by another page that lets you add more information, including co-managers and business logo.

Is Google My Business Worth It?

Google My Business is absolutely worth it. For one, it places your business in Google Maps, which increases physical and online discoverability. Secondly, GMB lets you provide as much information as you can about your business to your customers. You can also read and respond to customer reviews and feedback through Google My Business. At the end of the day, GMB doesn’t just increase your customer base, but your interactions as well.

Why Is My Business Not Showing on Google Maps?

Oftentimes your business won’t show up on Google Maps if your business listing doesn’t have a location authority. You will need to turn on location for the business to show on Maps.

Otherwise, the only way for it to appear on Google Maps is when a searcher is standing directly at your business location while searching for it on Google Maps.

Do More with Google Maps

Google Maps is just the first step to a successful search engine optimization campaign. It needs to be paired with a good website that can appear on Google Search and deliberate optimization efforts to increase your clickthrough rate and sales.

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