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Morgan’s Broth & Buns : The story of a 23-year-old business owner who brings a modern twist to the tradition of challah bread

23-year-old Morgan Dachis turned her at-home hobby into a thriving business with her mother and grandmother to bring a modern twist to traditional challah bread.

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“Tradition is the passing of customs from generation to generation. So it's there during the happy times, but it's also there for you during the scary times when you need it most.”

23-year-old Morgan Dachis found her calling when she landed a job at a fine dining restaurant at 19 years old.  It was there that she developed a keen eye for detail: every dish, every garnish, every element had to be just right. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Morgan lost her job. She began baking for family and friends on the side, and quickly found her passion for baking.

At just 23 years old, Morgan turned her side hobby into a full-time business. Morgan, her mother, and her grandmother work together every week to fulfill sold-out orders of their perfectly hand-crafted challah bread.

Challah is a traditional, yeasty, and sweet Jewish bread that is a core memory for many families across North America. It’s a real comfort food and a family staple. 

Challah by Morgan's Broth & Buns: Hand crafted to perfection
“You'll still get that childhood memory of having dinner with your family and that sweet taste of bread. And then you'll also get chocolate explosion or some [...] savory rosemary that you never would expect.”

Morgan’s Broth and Buns is a business run by three generations of Morgan’s family: her, her mother, and her grandmother. Morgan gets to make tradition come alive in her bread while working hard long days alongside her family, going through every up and down of owning a business together.

“Working with your family does have some costs. We drive each other a little crazy. We get so busy in the winter that I would start at 6 in the morning and we would be bagging until 10:00 p.m.”
Morgan's family working out of their home bakery

Being a business owner is tough. It consists of early mornings, long nights, and working on every aspect of the business from production, to accounting, to customer service, and more. Morgan has learned the joy of working every day with her family to bring her customers delicious and comforting bread to relax every weekend.

A selection of challah at Morgan's family brunch
“Tradition is about bringing people together. And our challah really does that, it's more about the theme and the meaning. It's more than just bread”

Operating entirely online and out of her home, Morgan runs her business on Instagram and using online intake forms. Morgan adapted quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic by using technology to directly operate her business. Business owners like Morgan are using modern financial products like Nearside to help run their business and earn rewards, perks, and cashback on everyday business tools like Shopify and Amazon.

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, you can get a taste of sweet family tradition at Morgan’s Broth and Buns by placing your order here.

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