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Hatch Perks: Get $300 Ad Credit from Yelp

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Yelp! Yelp is one of the biggest online directories of businesses, driven by customer reviews.

Tim Wu
Tim Wu

Head of Growth

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Nearside is now partnering with Yelp! Yelp is committed to fostering connections between people and their local businesses, including restaurants, home services, and more. Through Yelp, customers can share their experiences with a business through ratings and reviews. For small business owners, Yelp can be a place to advertise your business and a discovery tool to reach new customers. 

What is Yelp?

As one of the biggest directories of small businesses in the United States, having your business on Yelp is an easy way to attract new customers.

In both the digital space and in real life, it can be difficult to be noticed. Yelp’s advertisement and business tools get you in front of your potential customers through customizable ad campaigns. Multiple plans at varying price points are available, making it easy to choose the best fit for your budget. 

To learn more about Yelp's different features, simply click here!

Perk Details

Through our partnership with Yelp, you can get $300 in free Yelp Ads when you start your campaign! This perk is automatically applied when you sign up for a new Yelp account. Please note that this perk is only available to new advertisers.

How Do You Redeem the Perk Through Nearside?

  • Log in to your Nearside Dashboard (must be an active Nearside customer)
  • Visit the "Perks" section and find the Yelp deal
  • Click > Learn More
  • Click > Start a new Yelp for Business account
  • The perk is applied when at checkout for an advertisement plan
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