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Hatch Perks: Get 20% off Zenefits

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Zenefits! Zenefits is an online HR system where you can manage scheduling, HR, payroll, and benefits all in one place.

Tim Wu
Tim Wu

Head of Growth

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A small business is often made of many moving parts at the same time, with employee management being just one of them. With Zenefits, customers report that they spend 50% less time onboarding new employees and spend up to 90% less time managing payroll, leaving them with more time to do the work they love.

What is Zenefits?

Zenefits streamlines your workflow with comprehensive, user friendly software that automates pesky HR tasks.

In addition to employee management tools, Zenefits allows you to learn from your workforce. Its business intelligence reports allow you to “improve your business through insights on turnover, workforce diversity, and can even help you understand how much to pay your new hires”.

To learn more about the Zenefits product and their different features, simply click here!

Perk Details

Through our partnership with Zenefits, you can save 20% off on all plans!

How do you redeem the perk through Nearside?

  • Log in to your Nearside Dashboard (must be an active Nearside customer)
  • Visit the "Perks" section and find the deal
  • Click > Learn More
  • Click > Sign up for a new Zenefits account
  • Click > The perk is applied at checkout

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