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Introducing the new Nearside: The story behind our new look

We’ve been working to build a look and feel to match modern businesses owners and entrepreneurs. Here's the story behind how we developed our new brand.

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Unexpected challenges are an inherent part of running a small business. So when banks penalize you for them, it can feel like you’re falling behind. Nearside is setting out to be the go-to bank account and lending solution for self-employed business owners, freelancers, and gigsters.

Since we changed our name to Nearside in 2021, we’ve been working to build a look and feel to match modern businesses owners and entrepreneurs. You’ll see some big changes coming in the upcoming weeks.

Why did we rebrand to Nearside?

As we continue to grow, we want to create a business banking product and brand that our customers are proud of and excited to be with.  

Working for yourself is unpredictable and filled with ups and downs: we designed our new look to reflect our mission to be by your side through it all, no matter what.

We kicked off rebranding the project by doing a ton of research to understand our customers. The results from that research highlighted the struggles of what it means to own your own business, and our name comes from our desire to be a partner for our customers. Nearside is meant to convey a feeling of companionship and trust. It fits so well with our principle of putting customers first.

The name Nearside is a reflection of our commitment to be by your side, no matter what, through the ups and downs of self-employment. 

The process: Our logo

Our mission has always been to serve our customers. As our products evolved to meet our customer’s needs, we saw an opportunity to build a brand that empathizes with our customers.

Our shorthand “N” symbol version of the logo was designed to look like an open doorway to connote the endless open opportunities for growth when you take control of your own financial freedom.

Our full logo was designed to be strong and supportive. This is the cornerstone of our new look. It was crafted with care, and is refined, modern, approachable, and trustworthy.

The process: The colors and illustrations

For our color palette, we wanted a wider and brighter range of colors to stand out from traditional banks. It was important for us to let our customers know that we’re really built with them in mind, very different from the overwhelming amount of blue and red often seen in the financial industry.

We crafted our rich color palette to be inviting and approachable. We use warm tones and colorful accents to help our brand come to life. Any communication or customer experience should feel unique to the Nearside brand.

We use a colorful and playful illustration style to help connect our brand to our customers.  The main character in our illustrations is “the helping hand” and it represents our service to our customers. We also wanted to use it to celebrate moments and big milestones in your self-employed career together.

The new Nearside: Card design

The card design is a key cornerstone of the brand. This is what our customers carry in their pockets every day. We want customers to feel proud of pulling the Nearside card out of their wallet when they spend money, pay vendors or buy supplies for their business.

We created a card that felt modern, polished, and innovative. We steered clear of the traditional corporate feel, while still being professional as we are offering a product that handles business finances.

The new Nearside: What we offer to small businesses and gigsters

Small businesses banking is our big ambition. Here are all the ways we help support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers across the country with our business financial platform:

1. Free Business Banking, Transparent Pricing: Unlike traditional banks, we don’t have any monthly fees or minimum requirements. We offer transparent pricing throughout our whole product.

2. Unlimited Cashback: Get 2.2% unlimited cashback on every single transaction you make to take care of business in 2022.

3. Flexible Loans up to $10,000: When you bank with Nearside for at least 3 months and use your debit card, you may qualify for a business loan up to $10,000 with low rates, no origination fees, and easy payments. Make your money work for you.

4. Hassle-free rewards: Your cashback rewards and Mastercard Debit rewards will automatically be added back to your account!

5. Fee-free ATM withdrawals: You shouldn’t have to pay to access your money. Get-free ATM withdrawals within our global network of 55,000 ATMs.

6. Resources and Education: Navigating your own business is tough, but we’ve got your back. We’ve got guides, articles, and resources to help educate you on the ins and outs of business finances.

7. Support from real people: Get help from our support team Monday through Friday.

8. Secure & Safe Banking: Lock your card in seconds if it’s misplaced. Our leading security teams and firewall system ensure your money is safe and sound. Your money is FDIC insured through LendingClub Bank, N.A., Member FDIC.

We hope to build out a product, support, education, and tools to become the enduring one-stop-shop for the next generation of the self-employed. We are so happy to be here with you and your small business through it all. We’re happy to present to you our new look and product, designed with you in mind.

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