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Small Business Spotlight: Pink MahogHany, an independent black-owned fragrance brand operated by a self-taught perfumer

Watch the inspiring story of Pink MahogHany, an independent fragrance brand owned and operated by Chavalia, a self-taught niche perfumer in Longview, Texas.

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Chavalia grew up surrounded by the outdoors, where she grew a keen sense of the natural scents around her. Her perfumes capture the essence of the simple things in nature that can often smell quite complex.

“I've always been a tactile person. I would pick the pine needles off the ground when they would fall off of the trees and just smell them. It was so enticing to me, taking in the aroma. It felt like time actually stood still. And that put me in such a blissful space.”

Trained in both music and education, Chavalia decided to create her own independent fragrance brand and Etsy store on the side, founded in 2005. Pink MahogHany was born out of Chavalia’s many years of trial and error playing with natural fragrances and different compositions. As Pink MahogHany grew, Chavalia decided to teach part-time and pursue her business with full force.

Chavalia’s goal is to educate and provide transparency about the ingredients in her products, while helping her clients feel more confident about using fragrances on their skin without harsh chemicals.

“I create fragrances using what I call a reverse method. I usually try to start with some sort of a theme, so I just try to allow my mind and my imagination to not be limited. The blends that I create for my clients can be as simple as just three ingredients[...], or it can be quite complex.”

Perfumery is an industry that struggles with barriers of entry for new entrepreneurs, especially self-taught perfumers like Chavalia. Because perfumery is an old industry with a complex history of mastery, there are often negative connotations that surround perfumers who don’t go to top perfumery schools and learn traditional perfumery.

As a female perfumer of color, Chavalia is no stranger to these barriers of entry. She bootstrapped her own business, learned her own methods, and created her business and fragrances from scratch after many years of trial and error.

“As an African-American female perfumer who is self-taught, being able to prove that I have a quality product and that I do know what I'm doing because I've taken myself to school in a sense, makes me feel really good.”

The quality of her product speaks for itself. Her keen sense of smell and connection to nature shine through in her products without the harsh chemicals found in traditional perfumes that many people are sensitive to.

“I'm so glad to have the opportunity to be in this space to connect my sense of smell with creating a product that people are able to enjoy.”

Pink MahogHany is a one-person show. Chavalia runs every aspect of her business while teaching part-time and being a busy mother of twin boys. Nearside is happy to support small businesses like Pink MahogHany in achieving their goals by providing fair financial products where every dollar counts.

“When I found out about Nearside, I really loved the fact that [...] I was able to get things that I needed in a short amount of time. It was very convenient for me to have (Nearside) as an option.”

By offering top-tier rewards to people who may not have access to credit cards with rewards, Nearside is democratizing access to fair financial services and helping our customers save and reinvest the money back into their business. 

Nearside is proud to present our Small Business Spotlight on Pink MahogHany, featuring Chivalia’s inspiring story of being an independent self-taught perfumer and entrepreneur.

Looking for a natural, non-harsh fragrance and want to support small? Visit Pink Mahoghany here:

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