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Get the business checking account designed for small businesses with cashback rewards with no monthly fee.
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The checking account suited for self-starters

Your bank account should do more than just hold your money. If you’re self-employed, freelancer, gigster, contractor, or just working hard on your side hustle, you are eligible for our free rewards debit card card.
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Nearside Business Checking

No monthly fees
No monthly minimum requirements
No overdraft fees
2.2% cashback on everything for your business in 2022
No debit card replacement fees

Other Traditional Checking Accounts

Monthly fees and penalties up to $50
Minimum balance required
Up to $35 per overdraft instance
No debit card rewards
$15-20 per card replacement

Our fees, up front

Monthly Fee
In-Network Cash Withdrawal (Allpoint ATMs)
Out-of-Network Cash Withdrawal
(Non-Allpoint ATMs)
Variable + $1.00*
Stop Payment
ACH Transfers
Insufficient Funds (NSF)
Debit Card Replacement
*You will be charged a $1.00 fee each time you use an out-of-network ATM to withdraw funds. Any additional charges assessed by the out-of-network ATM provider will be passed on to you.

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