Sole Proprietorship Checking Account

Tired of paying excessive fees on your sole proprietorship checking account? Sign up for the Nearside business checking account and enjoy some of the lowest fees in the market with no minimum deposit requirements, monthly fees, or NSF fees.

Nearside offers an easy and convenient way for sole traders to open checking accounts for their businesses.

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Sole Prop Checking Account
With Rewards

The Nearside sole proprietorship checking account is designed for small businesses. That’s why we have exciting cashback rewards for sole traders. Once you sign up for our business checking for sole proprietors, you’re immediately entitled to up to 5% cash back every time you use your Nearside Business Debit Mastercard. Pay less in car rentals, hotels, restaurants, gas stations and many more places. You don’t need a coupon or code to enjoy your reward. Simply pay using your Nearside Business Debit Mastercard and get up to 5% back.

Need more savings to inject back in your sole proprietorship business? Take advantage of our exclusive Nearside Perks and pay less on the most important business management tools and services. Below are all the perks that you’ll get when you open business checking account sole proprietorship:

30 Days of Buddy Punch for Free

Simplify payroll with Buddy Punch and their online punch clock. Easily track employee time and scheduling.

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20% Off Constant Contact - Forever!

Get 20% off your monthly subscription, a free "Plus" plan upgrade, a free $100 Master Template Campaign, and a free Marketing Coach consult to set you up with best practices.

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6 Months Free with Drip POS and a Free Wireless Card Reader

Manage your restaurant with Drip's all-in-one POS. No more clunky integrations or managing orders from 5-10 apps.

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3 Months Free on Any Gusto Plan

Meet the software that simplifies payroll, benefits, and HR. Gusto is built for small businessess.

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$200 in Sponsored Job Credits with Indeed

Indeed helps you find the right people for your team. Post jobs, search resumes, and maximize your company's exposure to potential candidates! Terms and conditions may apply.*

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50% Off Quickbooks for 6 Months

Manage your finances with the #1 accounting software for small businesses.

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30 Days of Buddy Punch for Free

Simplify payroll with Buddy Punch and their online punch clock. Easily track employee time and scheduling.

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Why Nearside and not a traditional bank?

The simple and streamlined application process is a draw for many sole proprietors. We don’t check credit scores for any of our services, which makes us the perfect partner for sole proprietors who haven’t had the opportunity to build solid credit histories.

Our focus is on offering small business owners the most affordable services. We strongly believe that your sole proprietorship checking account should not be charged exorbitant fees.

Instead, you should pay the absolute minimum to maintain an account so that you use your hard-earned money to grow a sustainable business. That is the point that traditional banks miss.

Sole Proprietorship Business Checking with Low Fees

Our Fees, Up Front

Sign up for the Nearside business checking account and enjoy some of the lowest fees in the market. We do not have minimum deposit requirements or NSF fees.

Our transparent pricing scraps most of the fees that are charged by traditional banks. You won’t be required to pay fees on ACH transfers and debit card replacements.

With no monthly maintenance charge, Nearside has the best terms for opening and maintaining a sole proprietor business checking account. The amount is charged at the end of your statement period.

Apart from a $25 stop payment, no other charge on your account exceeds $1. And, you get to send free checks every month, whether for supplies, creditors or utility bills.

Open Your Sole Proprietorship Checking Account Today

Ready to make the next big step for your business? Sign up for a Nearside business checking account for sole proprietors today. It’s as simple as filling in some basic information in under 10 minutes. You can complete the entire process online, at your convenience.All applications are free and don’t affect your credit score in any way. At Nearside, we don’t even check credit scores for any reason. We may, however, contact you via email for more information should we need it. Keep in mind that you can use your home address as your business location in case you don’t have a brick-and-mortar location.Once approved, you’ll get a business checking account that’s FDIC insured on deposits of up to $250,000.


Monthly Fee


ACH Transfers


Insufficient Funds (NSF)


Debit Card Replacement


Unlimited In-Network Allpoint ATM Cash

Variable + $1.00¹

ATM Fee - Cash Withdrawal (Non-Allpoint ATMs)


Stop Payment


Check Sent

1. You will be charged a $1.00 fee each time you use an out-of-network ATM to withdraw funds. Any additional charges assessed by the out-of-network ATM provider will be passed on to you.